passenger’s impact

Securing the supply chain for European automotive, telecommunications and computing industries

By reducing Europe’s dependence on rare earths imports, PASSENGER will also diminish its vulnerability to international trade-related risks.

Promoting European innovation

By developing innovative technology that will support European industries in the green transition and re-position European permanent magnet production on the global market.

Fostering the transition to low-carbon mobility

By reducing costs for both users and producers of permanent magnets which are essential for electric vehicles.

Protecting the environment

PASSENGER will make responsible and sustainable use of Europe’s natural resources, preserving the ecosystem and designing fully recyclable permanent magnets.

Generating awareness

On the importance of raw materials for society and the challenges posed by their scarcity


By 2025, PASSENGER will upscale the production of its novel magnets 
and fully integrate them into e-bike, e-scooter, and e-motorbike motors,
while additionally implementing
them into multitude of appliances
in e-cars, actuators and pump systems for water supply.

Expected results

  • Complete substitution of RE permanent magnets with PASSENGER’s permanent magnets in e-scooters, e-bikes and e-motorbikes, with the development of new motors.
  • A complete substitution for e-car motors goes beyond the scope of the project, but many other components of electric cars can benefit from PASSENGER’s permanent magnets.
  • Product design and manufacturing in the EU
  • Increased awareness around the topic of sustainable sourcing of raw materials and sustainable production
  • Increased availability of electric devices for transportation

A European Renaissance in production based on the manufacturing of high-technology devices for mobility applications, creating employment opportunities for highly skilled professionals.