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Ongoing projects


Innovative Digital Sustainable Aggregates Systems

DIGIECOQUARRY aims to design, develop and validate in 5 pilot environments an Innovative Quarrying System (IQS) comprising sensors, processes, tools and methods for data capture, processing and sharing to provide integrated digitalised, automatic and real-time process control for aggregates quarries.


Industrial Production of mixed Rare Earth Elements oxides and carbonates from spent magnets recycling

The overall objective of the “close to the market” LIFE INSPIREE project is to realize the first industrial-scale plant in Europe for the recycling of REEs from spent NdFeB magnets (Hard Drives (HDD) and End-Of-Life electric motors). INSPIREE will build on the results achieved at pilot scale of previous EU funded project (EITRM-NEWRE, H2020-FENIX and FP7-HydroWEEE). The hydrometallurgical process has been patented by one of the partners (WO/2019/215583A1) and this strategic know-how was transferred to Itelyum during the previous research-pilot phase.


Neodymium and Rare Earth from Waste Recycling

NEW-RE will tackle the recycling challenge of Neodymium permanent magnets (PMs) and of spent lamps contained in electronic waste and e-mobility electric motors. The target is to recycle rare earth elements (REEs) by scaling up a hydrometallurgical process that will produce REEs oxides and iron pigment. Considering the time-consuming activities of dismantling the magnets, an innovative solution for the automatic dismantling of PMs will be developed and its sustainability assessed with LCA/LCC.


Dismantling and recycling Rare Earth Elements from End-of-life products for the European Green Transition

The REEPRODUCE’s ambition is to set up the first sustainable and complete European REEs-recycling value chain at industrial scale, able to produce REEs from EoL products at competitive cost and with environmentally friendly technologies. Achieving this goal will secure an important and strategic value chain for Europe’s green transition.


Resilient and sustainable critical raw materials REE supply chains for the emobility and renewable energy ecosystems and strategic sectors

REEsilience project aims to build a more resilient and sustainable supply chain for rare earth magnetic materials and products in Europe and will create new market opportunities for critical raw materials more sustainably produced in the continent.


Resilient Enhancement for the Silicon Industry Leveraging the European matrix

Resilient Enhancement for the Silicon Industry Leveraging the European matrix is a Horizon Europe project that has the main aim of improving the resilience and sustainability of critical raw material value chain in Europe. In order to reach this result, the project aims at demonstrating 8 industry-driven technological and business innovative solutions covering the full Silicon value chain.


Substitution of Critical Raw Materials on Aluminium Alloys for electrical vehicles

The SALEMA project is a combined strategy of decreasing the critical raw material dependency (from magnesium and silicon) and creating a sustainable economy in the aluminium manufacturing industry of Europe. The electric automotive sector needs high-performance, sustainable aluminium sources, that is only possible by the generation of a new aluminium ecosystem. The project will produce novel aluminium alloys with minimalised critical raw materials content (silicon and magnesium) using iron as a substitute and integrating scrap metal recycling.


Holistic Approach to enhance the Recyclability of rare-earth permanent Magnets Obtained from aNY waste

HARMONY main objective is to improve the recyclability of rare earth elements (REEs) permanent magnets from any waste flow, i.e. EoL wind turbines, electric motors and other Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). This objective is mainly achieved through the development of a full recycling process covering the NdFeB magnets value chain, encompassing: the collection and dismantling of NdFeB magnets, the production of powder through three technologies, the recovery of REE metals by an indirect recycling process, the production of recycled magnets via several industrial processes and the validation of the produced magnets in three high impact applications.

Past projects


Secure European Critical Rare Earth Elements

The main goal of SecREEts (Secure European Critical Rare Earth Elements) is to establish a stable and secure supply of critical rare earth elements based on a sustainable extraction from European apatite sources used in fertiliser production. The project ended with very good news for the first step towards RE separation in Europe announcing the building of the first industrial plant based on the efforts of the project partners. All the industrial pilots have been successfully demonstrated to yield quality products suitable for a European value chain, including the verification of high quality magnets based on the project processes.


Sustainable Recovery, Reprocessing and Reuse of Rare Earth Magnets in a European Circular Economy

SUSMAGPRO aimed to develop a recycling supply chain for rare earth magnets in Europe and to demonstrate the effective reuse of recycled rare earth material within several industries. Towards the end of the project, SUSMAGPRO partners have achieved a breakthrough: magnets produced from secondary material were tested in rotors with very promising results. Through this contribution, partners help to lessen the carbon footprint of a resource that’s vital to both electric mobility and wind power, while still delivering powerful electric performance.


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