Pilot plant activities


​PASSENGER has an ambitious objective of replacing permanent magnets containing rare-earth elements (REE) with elements based on natural resources abundant in Europe.  Activities led by the project partners will consist in substituting these elements, and integrating them in electromobile devices.

3 main Pilot Actions will each be divided into different steps and implemented by project experts in 8 different Pilot Plants across Europe.


Substitution by Mn-Al-C magnets

Integration of the new magnets


  • Implementation of PASSENGER magnets in gearboxes and actuators
  • Complete substitution with PASSENGER magnets in e-scooters, e-bikes and e-motorbikes
  • Substitution with PASSENGER magnets in e-cars: sensing, gearshifts, drive- and brake-by-wire, active suspension controls, headlights range adjustment and battery management
  • Substitution with PASSENGER magnets in the rotor of a pump motor


Integration and validation of the newly developed RE-free magnets


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