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PASSENGER was proud to participate in the 13th edition of the Joint European Magnetic Symposia (JEMS), held in Madrid, Spain from 27 August to 1 September 2023. JEMS is a major gathering for the European and worldwide magnetism community, and this year’s event brought together over 780 delegates, representing universities, research institutions, and industry leaders from more than 40 countries.

PASSENGER was chaired by Dr. Alberto Bollero, IMDEA Nanociencia “Permanent Magnets” group leader and coordinator of the PASSENGER project. The conference opened with a special event at the Ateneo de Madrid, a prestigious historical venue. The scientific program of JEMS 2023 was very rich, with several thematic sessions dedicated to oral and poster presentations, as well as a selection of outstanding plenary lectures given by keynote and invited speakers. The program also included special sessions focused on transversal axes, such as bridging academia and industry in the field of magnetism, a networking event for early career researchers, a workshop dedicated to women in magnetism, and a special session dedicated to the European Magnetic Society (EMA).

Particularly interesting was the Roundtable discussion, which comprised an international panel of speakers from academia, industry, and intergovernmental institutions. The panellists discussed the broad role of magnetism in technology and society, the critical role of raw materials in the technological and environmental impact of the magnetic industry, how academia can inform industry and policymakers about more sustainable good practices, and the importance of these three major actors in the field to collaborate.

PASSENGER takes centre stage

PASSENGER was represented at the conference with delegates from seven of its partners: METALPINE, TUDA, IMDEA, LCM, ESF, IMA, and EIT Raw Materials. Ester M. Palmero (IMDEA Nanociencia) and Ana Belén Seoane (Ingeniería Magnética Aplicada) participated in the special Roundtable session and shed light on collaborative efforts for sustainability, while Roland Gauß (EIT RawMaterials), talked about global approaches on the green transition. Furthermore, our scientific results were featured in the following oral and poster presentations:

  • “Effect of Aging on the Magnetic and Physical Properties of Consolidated Mn-Al-C Bulk Magnets”: this oral presentation by Semih Ener (postdoc at TUDA, in collaboration with IMDEA, WILO, and LCM) delved into the investigation of the impact of aging on the chemical, structural, and magnetic properties of Mn-Al-C bulk magnets.
  • “Up-Scaled Coercivity Development Of Cast And Milled MnAlC Alloy”: this poster presentation by Jorge Vergara-Ortega (IMDEA PhD student in collaboration with LCM, MBN, and TUDA) centered on the preparation of magnetic τ-phase MnAlC alloy, an outstanding rare earth-free permanent magnet candidate, achieved through casting and milling technology.
  • “Nanocrystalline Strontium Ferrite Permanent Magnet Material with High Coercivity and Enhanced Thermal Stability”: this poster presentation by Adrián Fernández-Calzado (IMDEA PhD student, in collaboration with TUDA, JSI, ILPEA partners, and others) highlighted the development of high-coercivity strontium ferrite powder, demonstrating exceptional performance at low temperatures without the use of critical raw elements.

Abstracts of these contributions can be accessed online at JEMS 2023 Book of Abstracts (pages 53, 60, and 62, respectively).

Showcase time!


The PASSENGER booth at the conference exhibition was a bustling hub of activity. Here, our colleagues Stefania Vitale (European Science Foundation),  Nik Tankov and Sandra Repse (Less Common Metals Limited) unveiled our project’s vision and ambitious goals to the delegates, supported by the presentation of specimens of the first rotor prototypes for e-vehicle motors. This rotor is manufactured using an improved strontium ferrite (SrFe12O9) that was developed within PASSENGER. Its suitability was proven by the first prototype of an e-scooter, presented as well at the JEMS exhibition. Throughout the conference week, our booth captivated the attention of a diverse audience, including students, early and senior researchers, and industry representatives.

Overall, JEMS 2023 offered our project team an unparalleled opportunity to showcase our work to a broad audience and engage in inspiring discussions with experts in the field of magnetism. We are looking forward to participating in the next edition of JEMS, to be held in Darmstadt, Germany from August 31 to 5 September 2025!


PASSENGER’s moments in JEMS 2023


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